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Our children are at the very centre of all we do at Frances Olive Anderson Church of England School. We have a strong, dedicated team of staff who work tirelessly to provide an exciting and enriched curriculum from which all our pupils learn. Each individual learner is carefully planned for and teaching and learning methods deployed to ensure ALL pupils make progress from their starting points academically and emotionally. Our mission statement underpins our approach at all times: ‘Being Different, Belonging Together,’

We celebrate and share our differences and similarities. In doing so, we realise the valuable contribution which all members of the community can make to Frances Olive Anderson Church of England Primary School. We continually review our practice to take into account the different needs and contributions of pupils, staff, parents and Governors. All of our pupils are guided, cared for and supported in a close partnership with parents and the community; promoting the culture of belonging and working together.

Frances Olive Anderson Church of England Primary School is located in the rural village of Lea which is situated in between Gainsborough and Lincoln. The school is growing in popularity. Currently we have 200 pupils on role. An extension was finished in the summer of 2015 to accommodate our growing numbers.

The catchment area includes Lea, Knaith, Knaith Park, Gate Burton, Upton and Kexby, although many children from Gainsborough and the surrounding area choose our school. A free taxi provided by LCC transports children from Upton and Kexby and there is a limited concessionary service from Knaith Park.

Our strong Christian ethos and values provide a good foundation that children can take with them through to adulthood. We believe that it is our duty to equip all of our pupils with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to reach their potential in an ever changing world. Our children have one chance at education. We constantly encourage our children to have high expectations of what they can achieve and provide the support to develop positive attitudes to learning. At all times we consider the support our children and families require for their emotional well-being. We are proud of our pastoral care and the positive impact this has on our learners. Happy learners are lifelong and successful learners.

Our Mission Statement


Our Vision

Our vision is to fully equip our children with values, skills and knowledge that provide the building blocks for their future.

Our Aims

  • To provide an excellent and enjoyable education so that each child is able to achieve his/her full potential, whilst experiencing success and achievement as he/she progresses.
  • To develop the physical, emotional, social and communication skills of all involved in the school, so that they are able to make informed decisions about their current and future lifestyles.
  • To provide a caring and stimulating environment which is safe and welcoming to all.
  • To foster responsible attitudes and encourage good behaviour and relationships, both in and out of school.
  • To encourage all children to learn to live and work with other people, to recognise their responsibility and contribute positively to society.
  • To develop an understanding of Christian morals and values, as well as respect for other faiths, cultures and ways of life

Our Values


With the recent change in leadership, the whole school community are currently working together to articulate and embed our values


which are in line with our High 5 Rules.


Be Honest.
Keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
Respect one another and our belongings.
Stay safe and happy.
Always try our best.

School Brochure

Please feel free to download our latest prospectus that will give you information about many aspects of our school.

Our Brochure PDF

Autumn 2018 Newsletter

Our Staff


Position Held Name Area
Headteacher Mrs Sarah Woolley (PSHE)
Leadership Team Miss Rebecca Bishop Year 2, KS1, Science (DT)
Leadership Team Mr Stewart Cook Year 6, SENDCo (ICT, Int Sch)
Leadership Team Mrs Sarah Hill Year 1,English 
Leadership Team Mrs Helen Ireland Year 4, Mathematics (MFL)
Teacher Year 5 Miss Samantha Lee (PE)
Teacher Reception Miss Hannah Ward (Art, Music,School Displays)
Teacher Year 3 Miss Kerri Stanton (Geography, History)
Teaching Assistants Ms Vickie Beastall Year 2
Teaching Assistants Mrs Jane Bennett Year 5
Teaching Assistants Mrs Alex Bolderson Year 1
Teaching Assistants Mrs Carey Hearn Instructor
Teaching Assistants Mrs Julie Iredale Reception/KS1
Teaching Assistants Mrs Cheryl Colbeck Year 4
Teaching Assistants Mrs Donna Robinson Reception
Teaching Assistants Mrs Nina Salt Year 3
Teaching Assistants Miss Sharon Smith Year 5/6
Teaching Assistants Mrs Verity Thompson Reception
Teaching Assistants Mrs Hilary Williamson Year 1
Teaching Assistants Mrs Tracy Wright Year 6
Teaching Assistant Miss Katie Gamwell Reception
School Business Manager Mrs Kaye Champkins  
Clerical Assistants

Miss Sharon Smith

Mrs Carol Kirby

Caretaker Mrs Sally Graves  
Cleaners Mrs Sharon Brocklesby  
Cleaners Mrs Serena Vince  
Midday Supervisory Assistant Ms Vickie Beastall  
Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Serena Vince

Midday Supervisory Assistant Miss Rachel Goddard  
Midday Supervisory Assistant Mrs Zoe Simpson  
Midday 1:1 Support Mrs Sharon Brocklesby  
Midday Supervisory Assistants Mrs Sally Graves Relief


Church Links

Frances Olive Anderson Church of England Primary School caters for children and families of all religion and no religion. We are a voluntary aided Church of England School. Support and guidance is provided by the Lincoln Diocese. We have an inspection every 3 years to judge how successful we are as a Church School. In our latest inspection, May 2015, we were judged to be an outstanding Church School.

Some of the aspects which make us distinctive as a Church School include:

  • Daily Collective Worship
  • Weekly Choral Worship (Singing Assembly)
  • Drop in ‘chat’ sessions by the Vicar, Reverend Phillip Wain
  • Frequent services held at St Helen’s Church in Lea and the other Churches within our group of Churches
  • Carol services where the choir sing.
  • Representation of the Church on our Governing Body

The recent SIAMS report recognised:

  • The dedication and commitment of the headteacher, senior leaders and staff which supports the needs of every child, enabling them to flourish within a secure Christian environment.
  • Christian values, which are owned by everyone, make a significant impact on all aspects of the school and inspire children and adults to be the best they can be.
  • Collective worship is of a high quality. It inspires learners’ positive response and their ability to relate experiences of worship to their day to day lives.
  • Religious Education (RE) is of a high quality and well led. It inspires all learners and ensures a growing understanding and respect of Christianity and other faiths and cultures.

We value our close links with the local community and the church. We have positions on our Governing Body which are elected by the parochial parish councils. These are known as our Foundation Governors. The parishes represented are:

  • St Helen’s Lea
  • All Saints Upton Cum Kexby
  • St Helen’s Gate Burton
  • St Mary’s Knaith

Reverend Phillip Wain is the incumbent of the four Churches and he is a member of the Governing Body and is a regular visitor in school.

Please follow the links to find out more about Church Schools and our latest SIAMS report.

Our latest SIAMS report
Info about the diocese of Lincoln

Collective Worship Term 1 2018

Collective Worship Term 2 2018

Collective Worship Terms 3 and 4 2019

Gainsborough Village Schools Collaboration

Frances Olive Anderson Church of England Primary School is part of a collaboration of village schools in the local area. We work very closely with 4 other schools of varying sizes and catchments:

  • Scotter Primary School
  • Corringham Church of England Primary School
  • Blyton Cum Laughton Church of England Primary School
  • Waddingham Primary School

The relationships between the schools has proved to be invaluable in providing support and training for all of our staff to enable the sharing of the best practice possible. We have embarked on a cycle of peer review, we scrutinise data across the schools and where possible, identify joint areas for development. We are also part of the wider Gainsborough Partnership of Schools which includes secondary and special schools. There is a vast wealth of knowledge, expertise and leadership within the partnership which serves to support all.


Our Address

Frances Olive Anderson Primary School
The Grove
DN21 5EP
T: 01427 612827

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