At Frances Olive Anderson C of E Primary School we follow the National Curriculum 2014.  

Curriculum Overview

We pride ourselves on having developed a curriculum which we feel offers outstanding opportunity and learning experiences for all of our pupils, both academically and personally. Our broad and balanced curriculum inspires pupils to learn. The range of subjects helps pupils acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in all aspects of their education.

We provide not only a good education but the right education for our pupils.

We have considered:

  • The things we want our children to learn
  • Experiences which we know are effective and engaging for children           
  • Experiences which we know will raise standards and lead to successful learners.

Our themes have been planned to:

  • Excite/engage
  • Challenge
  • Inspire.

In this fast paced, ever changing world we aim to promote continuity and coherence, allowing children to move smoothly between phases of education, schools and work, providing a foundation for successful lifelong learning.

The purpose of our school curriculum at Frances Olive Anderson C of E Primary is:

To establish an entitlement for all children, regardless of social background, culture, race, gender, differences in ability and disabilities, to develop and apply the knowledge, skills and understanding that will help them become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

As a school we have developed our own long term plans for the teaching of mathematics, English, science, PHSE and computing. Alongside this staff plan topics using 'Cornerstones Curriculum - Creative learning with backbone' to give stimulus for learning which they feel meets the needs of their current co-hort and ensures compliance with statutory guidance. The plans give a general guidance to the possible areas of study for each term, under each topic title. Curriculum letters are shared at the beginning of each term which identifies more specifically the teaching and learning aspects of the topic.

Reception Long Term Plan 2017-18

Reception LTP Spring 1 2018

Year 1 LTP 2017-18

Year 2 LTP 2017-18

Year 3 LTP 2017-18

Year 4 LTP 2017-18

Year 5 LTP 2017-18

Year 6 LTP 2017-18

For each subject area we have developed a 'curriculum statement' document which outlines the philosophy and aims of teaching and learning within the subject.

Please follow the links on the left of the page to find out more about the individual subjects.


PHSE Curriculum 2017-18


Art & Design Curriculum 2017-18


Computing Curriculum 2017-18


Design & Technology Curriculum 2017-18


English Curriculum 2017-18


EYFS Cuuriculum 2017-18


Geography Curriculum 2017-18


History Curriculum 2017-18



International Schools Statement 2017- 18

Cultural Connectionism 2017 -18


Modern Languages Curriculum 2017-18


Maths Curriculum 2017-18

Maths Long Term Plan 2017-18 

Early Years

Years 1-3 Addition

Years 4-6 Addition

Years 1-3 Subtraction

Years 4-6 Subtraction

Years 1-3 Multiplication

Years 4-6 Multiplication

Years 1-3 Division

Years 4-6 Division


Music Curriculum 2017-18


PE Curriculum 2017-18


Religious Education Curriculum 2017-18



Science Curriculum 2017-18


Extra Curricular Activities

We offer a whole host of extra curricular activities to supplement the National Curriculum.  We normally have clubs running each week.  







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